The next illogical step for James Harden and Trolli


When longtime partner and NBA all-star James Harden was set to release his signature sneaker with Adidas, we seized the moment. We created a new product modeled after Harden’s own kicks, recapturing the magic of bringing 7-Eleven, James Harden and Trolli gummies together to drop our own Sour Brite Sneaks.


The campaign was designed as an homage to the launch process perfected by sneaker companies, complete with leak, drop and hype phases.  We started with sampling mini boxes at the NBA All-Star Game with adidas for the debut of Harden’s Vol. 2 shoes and sneakerhead influencers sharing the candy like real shoes on Instagram.

Then Trolli trolled well-known unboxers Brad Hall and Jacques Slade with a package design unlike any other sneaker, burying our gummi pair under layers of suspense to turn a shoebox into a must-watch social stunt.


Taking another cue from the sneaker universe, we hacked a new Instagram feature to allow fans to customize their own Sour Brite Sneaks and get a chance to win their very own, customized, Adidas Harden Vol. II’s. It was called “Remix Your Kicks.”

Our candy became their canvas, and fans were so immersed in customizing their kicks, they spent an average of over 7 minutes creating digital content so bizarrely creative, it blew even our minds.


Finally, in yet another one-of-a-kind, never-done-before partnership, we teamed up with the most legit source of hard to find sneakers on earth, StockX, to give sneakerheads the chance to own a pair of sneakers so rare, they’re perishable.


Each pair came in the same flavors found in Trolli’s new Sour Brite Sneaks candy. All were made from 100% sour gummi material. And yes, they were completely edible. Just ask Shaq.



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