Turning SEO best-practices upside down


In support of Deadpool’s new candy, Trolli Sour Brite Tiny Hands, we launched a microsite to centralize the campaign’s many moving pieces. But to resonate with fans, we knew we had to break a few rules along the way. So when it came to the SEO, we threw best practices out the window and asked ourselves, “What would Deadpool do?”

The answer: anti-SEO, written in rambling first-person from the antihero himself. In natural Deadpool style, he broke the fourth wall of the Internet, leaving Easter eggs and rants for fans hidden in the metadata. He even tucked secret puzzles and hashtags in black-on-black hidden text, rewarding fans who were perceptible enough to notice.

The unconventional approach generated record-setting site traffic on Trolli’s website, and media coverage from major publications like Adweek, Forbes, and FastCompany.


Fast Company, Campaign US and Syfy Wire definitely noticed, but weren’t exactly sure if it was “marketing genius” or “insanity.” We’re certain our results divulge the answer.



Percent increase in traffic to Trolli.com



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Campaign impressions in first two months